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We are a full service, valet storage facility. Your RV is secured behind wrought iron fencing with 24-hour on site security personnel and surveillance. We have propane and air on site. Receive FREE use of our dumpsite during business hours. Access to your RV is always 24/7.


UP TO 30’ $180.00/month

30’+ $190.00/month

35'+' $200.00/month

Over 40' $210.00/month


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RV Pick-Up, Services Available

(24-hour advanced notice required)

  • Light Refrigerator

  • Set Tire Pressure 

  • Fill Fresh Water 

  • Fill Fresh Water w/Reverse osmosis 

  • Fill Propane market value

  • Exterior Wash 

  • Complete Exterior Detail (charge per foot)

  • Interior Cleaning 

  • Pre-trip Pkgs. 

Pre-Trip Preparaton Packages

6-Item Package 

  1. Check / Set tire pressure.

  2. Fill propane (Additional fee applies, per gallon)

  3. Check battery fluid level

  4. Start Generator, and run for ½ hour under load.

  5. Run Refrigerator overnight and verify on LP.

  6. Fill fresh water using reverse osmosis water.

Request your FREE roof inspection anytime.

9-Item Pre-Trip Package

RV Return, Services Available

  • Empty holding tanks

  • Bug Removal 

  • Cover Tires 

   (Includes the 6 items listed above)

   7. Check all engine fluid levels. (Additional fee applies for fluids used)

   8. Light furnace.

   9. Light hot water heater.

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